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Thou Shalt Not Kill…

One of the side effects, so to speak, of having these transcendent experiences is that when you are in it you know beyond knowing that you are connected with everyone and everything. And that literally what you do unto others is actually done to yourself. That being said, it becomes obvious to someone with this experience that killing anyone is a violation and should not be done for any reason – not out of anger or hate, not out of defense of yourself and certainly not because you were just having a bad day.

Yes, I can hear all of you who say that if we didn’t defend ourselves from ‘them’ that we would be killed instead. Well, that’s possibly true but I’m going to suggest that someone has to put down his or her gun first and refuse to kill anymore.  Utter nonsense to those who don’t understand their connection with all that exist and for them the fear of others and the need to defend themselves will continue.

I’m well aware that both the Old and New Testaments supported killing for punishment of ‘bloodguilt’ and in defense of one’s self and one’s city. And while Jesus did exhort his followers to buy a sword, he also told them to put their swords up because “he who lived by the sword would die by the sword.” Why the contradiction? Well, I’m not a Hebrew scriptural expert but the earliest fragments we have were written by St. Paul about 30 years after Jesus died around 52 AD (or what is now called the Common Era). Paul (aka Saul of Tarsus) never met Jesus but underwent a conversion while on horseback and traveling to Damascus to wipe out the members of the new Christian religion. So what he heard about Jesus and how he translated his own conversion experience might have been a combination of oral traditions he had heard and his own understanding of his present world and the need for defense against those who might attack him. His writings focused on his interpretation of Jesus’ teachings which were taken in the context of that time which included lots of chaos, violence, and persecution of the Christians as well as a contempt for the sanctity of any life who wasn’t wealthy and Roman.

It is my humble theory that what Jesus said was interpreted from a limited and very human viewpoint, one that didn’t understand his saying that the Kingdom of God was within and that from that awareness would come a knowing that killing someone else would be as if they had killed themselves. The violation of another being was taboo in Jesus’ mind because he could clearly see the connection of all that existed. Very few at the time understood what he was saying and from that misunderstanding came the human concept of killing becoming acceptable under certain conditions. That all life was sanctified, no matter what the situation, was apparently left off the table.  Hence we now legally kill the intruder who breaks into our home, we legally kill the ‘enemy’ as we define him in far off lands, we legally use the death penalty to exact what we believe is justice for a murderer’s actions and we legally kill the most fragile of lives, the babies that have not yet been born.

In this day when most of us have not seen ourselves as intimately connected to all around us, these excuses for killing another are perfectly acceptable if not completely necessary to preserve our life and country. What I suggest is that one by one we each consider putting down our arms and refusing to kill anyone else, no matter who and no matter why. I served 14 years in the Navy as a hospital corpsman and a reporter yet as peaceful as these positions appeared to be, I was completely ready to defend my country and my loved ones if someone threatened them. I was trained to shoot weapons and I would have pulled a trigger if necessary.  I no longer believe in this necessity at all. I will no longer kill for any reason, including in defense of myself or those I love. Death is a little thing, a goodness to me since our physical lives are fleeting and only one day in an eternal curriculum where we continue to learn to manipulate the incredible reality around us. But I put forth that if I believe that killing is not necessary and refuse to do so, than death in a violent way will not come to me unless I choose it to. If I have learned one thing in this lifetime it is that we attract the events in our lives with our intent and if mine is peaceful, than peace will be with me no matter what is happening around me. That has been my life for several years now and I see no reason for this to end.

Of course I am seen as a fool for believing this with all of the violence going on around me and that is quite alright with me. I can think of worse things than being thought a fool. Being thought of as a killer is far more serious to me and one I want no part of. Think of me as you will, but I will consider myself a part of you and all I see around me and I will cherish every bit of it.

Just think of what would happen if all of us recognized our connections with each other and refused to kill any more no matter what. If all of our sons and daughters refused to join the military, if the death penalty was revoked in all states, if the social illness that resulted in murders ended, if the need for abortions no longer existed…  Just think. One by one we could accomplish this if we as a group of people, as a city, as a state, as a country came to the conclusion that violence would only beget more violence.  Just think that if we understood that the fear that lay beneath the supposed need for violence was relieved that we could exist as a people in joy and safe-ness. Just think.  The old hippie statement that “Fighting for peace is like f***ing for chastity” is true after all.

For those who believe that Christ is coming again, I tell you that he is already here. Underlying this entire shift of beliefs that is taking place beneath the surface of perceived events is a new awareness that is growing, a new understanding of our relationship with each other and a knowing that will bring about a world that is more just and safe. The Christ Entity has already begun the work required to bring about this change and all you have to do is be open to it and look within. The Kingdom of God is within you. He said that then and he says it now. And once you understand that you are a blessed part of God, of All That Is, of the Universe, you will also come to see that killing another is just killing yourself and you will never be a part of that again.

Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for they that take up the sword shall perish with the sword. Matthew 26:52-53

First Epistle to the Thessalonians is generally agreed by most scholars to be the first letter written by St. Paul that was later added to the New Testament.